Small business, startup, entrepreneur, mid sized or large business, local, national, or international, no matter which of these words resonate with you they all involved a leader. The Taylor Group 500 serves leaders individually and within groups as a catalyst for growth and change. Our motto is Inspiring change and delivering results.

The Taylor Group 500 is a business coaching and consulting organization based in the Baltimore Washington DC area. We have been in business for 10 years. We draw our capacity and capability to deliver by being part of a national network of coaches and consultants who are affiliates of Resource Associates Corporation of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Our CEO and founder is Nancy A. Taylor. Nancy is a Certified Business Coach.   She has professional certifications in Innermetrix assessments, MBTI, and Emotional Intelligence. Her previous experiences were in the field of training and development focused on Information Technology. She held management positions with several federal government agencies as well as Marriott Corporations bringing a unique understanding of leadership challenges in these areas.   Since forming her own company, her involvement with Business Network International (BNI) has allowed her to gain an understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses. She serves on the Leadership Council with the National Small Business Association. Her recent work with the Cameroon Royal Council, the Embassy of Cameroon and with various projects with Yazmi in Ethiopia has enabled her to gain a more international perspective.